What is happiness? How can it be achieved? Can happiness be bought or stolen? If you are happy, are you content? Is happiness wealth?

All of these are valid questions that many of us ask ourselves, but let us start with the first question; what is happiness?

The dictionary definition of happiness is:

“The quality or state of being happy”

To me, happiness is a choice. A choice you make every single day of your life.

What makes me truly happy from within is my religion.  For me, prayer is a sort of getaway, from all the hustle and bustle of life. A few minutes of prayer can set my sometime bothered or distressed soul to a calm and serene state.  If I choose to pray, then I am leading myself towards the path of happiness, but if I somehow decide that I don’t need to pray today, then I am slowly going away from the path of happiness.  It is a choice; you decide whether you make it or not.

Something that I would like to start doing, and which I believe is important to be truly happy, is to stop dwelling on the past. There have been instances where I have not been able to stop thinking about something embarrassing I have done or how I could’ve improved something and the entire time I was thinking of those moments, I was in a negative mind frame. When I got over those tiny mistakes I made, I was much happier because I realized that moping over something I cant change is pointless and the only thing I can do is ensure that it doesn’t happen again or that I learn from my mistakes.

Can happiness be bought? Personally, I believe that objects that give you happiness can be bought but if your happiness relies on objects, are you truly happy? Happiness should come from within, without the need of materialistic objects that can enhance your happiness for a short period of time but not maintain it.

I believe that happiness comes from doing good, for others and yourself, and also surrounding yourself with good people. I also think that to be happy you need to be content with yourself and who you are, and most importantly, you need to realize that life is too short to be sad, so cheer up 🙂

P.S.  All of these opinions are my own that were conjured up after a long 14 years of thinking. Also this is my first post so please be kind and if you’re still reading this, then thank you for staying for so long; I would love to hear what you think about happiness 😉